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2,456,932+ Law, Tech, Real Estate, Medical QUALITY Leads Generated...

$298 Million+ Worth of "Tracked" Business Delivered...

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23,492 Coffees Later...

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Your Customers Are Searching...

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Will You Be The Answer to Their Needs ...


or Just Another Stepping Stone Towards Your Competitor...


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We Help SOLVE The Questions That Keep You Awake At Night :

Will MY Practice Survive or Thrive?

We Give YOUR Business "Customer Attraction Powers," While Leaving Your Competitors In The Dust.


We Utilize"Data-Based" Digital Marketing For Advanced SALES Growth.

We Keep Clients Happy...Let Us Show You How We Map The Buyer's Journey To Buy And Increase Your SALES! (PS: Without SALES Increases, Digital Marketing should NOT be done, PERIOD! Let us show some case studies from our 40+ current client results, with hard data that you can bite into :) )


“These days, Most of us have the attention span of a meth-addicted squirrel.” 

Get YOUR Business The Attention It Deserves!

Our Focus Areas: 

1) Law Firms.

2) Medical & Dental.

3) Tech & Cloud.

4) Real Estate

5) Solar

6) Chiropractic

7) Dental Implants

Reason Being...These Happen To Be The Most Competitive, But, We Have Cracked The Code Over & Over Again! Delivering A 300-1,200% Rate Of Return, Month to Month.

Let Us Show You How...

Law Firm Practice Marketing

Medical & Dental Practices

"Word Of Mouth" Customers Can Take Your PLLC "Practice Growth" Only So Far...

By "Word Of Mouth Leads", You Are Only Capturing 20-30% Of Your Practice's Potential...

Yes 30%, You Read That Right!


If Customers Can't Find You, How Will You Book More Cases?

If Your Medical Practice Does Not Show Up In Online Search Results, How Will You Get New Patients?

"Word Of Mouth" Will Only Take Your Practice So Far (Very Limited). Digital Marketing Done Right Will Supercharge Your Business To THRIVE & DOMINATE.

Human Pyramid

Who Are We? Our Team...

We Are A Team Of Digital Marketers With Data Science & SEO Backgrounds. (We Only Use SEO/Ad Talent With 5 to 10+ Years Experience, This Helps Us Drive High-Quality SEO and Ad Results)

Current "Results Driven" Team:

* 3 Senior SEO Professionals (10+ Yrs Exp)

* 3 Junior SEO Professionals (5+ Yrs Exp)

* 5 Lead Generation Rock Stars (5+ Yrs Exp)

* 3 Automation Experts (3+ Yrs Exp)

* 12 SEO Writers (10+ Yrs, Masters In English)

FACT: Did You Know, Out Of All Applications We Get...ONLY 0.5% Generally Make The Cut To Join Our Team? (We Are All About Quality RESULTS...Which Requires Quality Talent)

What We Do Is... Stay On The Edge Of Our Seats & Super Obsessed With Results!

Analyzing the data

Complete Footprint Optimization, With "Data-Driven" Digital Marketing

We Optimize Your Whole Digital Footprint To Attract Your Ideal Buyer, And When They Show Up, They Buy At A Higher Rate. (Do More With The Traffic You Already Have...We Wouldn't Recommend Any Other Way...)

Young People - Meeting With Computers

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) To Get Found More Often, By Target Buyers.

Our SEO Services Help Optimize Your COMPLETE Search Engine Profile, To Enable Your Business To Get Found Online, And More Often. This Enables Your Customers To Find You More Often,  To Fulfil Their Needs By Your Products/Services. We Begin By Working With You To Define Project Goals That Focus On Reach, Engagement, And Sales Conversions. We Then Map Out A Plan To Achieve These Goals.

"Customers are like FUEL for your business’ growth": We prepare "Natural, Sales-Oriented Customer Journeys" that don't "FEEL" like marketing at all, to "ATTRACT," "PRIME" and "GUIDE" customers to find your "Product/Service" to fulfill their needs.


What This Means For Your Business: More Visibility Online, More Sales & More Often 😊

Law & Medical Digital Marketing Experts, Because The Results We Deliver Say So...


Let's Talk Numbers (We Love Them, So Do Our Independent Lawyer & Medical Doctor Practice Clients):

* 300 + Clients 

* 30-1,200% Return On Investment Achieved (Month On Month).

What Are You Waiting For?...

Start Using Us As Your Unfair Advantage To Beat Out Your Competition, & Accelerate Your Practice To DOMINATE.


Fact: Practices That Optimize Their Digital Profile Get Access To 70%-80% More Traffic, Sales, Profits And Growth.

"Cookie Cutters": As The Name Implies, Should Be Reserved For Cookies...Not Your  Business... 

Every Practice Deserves A Custom, From-Scratch Evaluation... Don't Let Any Lazy Marketers Tell You Otherwise...

Every Day That Goes By Puts Your Practice Behind Your Competition, Let Us Do A Free Evaluation For Your Business, & Show You Your Strengths, Weaknesses & Opportunities. Keep The Plan "For Free" Even If You Don't Move Forward With Us, YOUR Practice DESERVES To KNOW... Your Destiny Deserves A BETTER CHANCE...

It’s Getting Busy Out There... Stand Out From The Crowd And Get Found, Liked & Bought From, More Often... 

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We Are Data Scientists First & Marketers Second. We Thrive In The "No Fluff", "Show Me The Proof", "Take Me Through This", "Show Me The Logic" Zone...

PS: We believe that without SALES increases, Digital Marketing should NOT be done, let us show you how we drive customers to your brand for their needs and are helping businesses achieve a 30 - 1,200% ROI. All using "Data-Driven," "High-Quality" Digital Marketing.


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